Join a Delightful Foraging Walk in RBS – for Women

Pesach is almost here and we all know what that means… Springtime! So let’s get out for a glorious local nature walk where we will learn to identify and forage local wild foods and medicinal plants.  When: Wednesday April 10 Time: 9-11am. 2 hours.  Location: Near the Ramat Beit Shemesh A merkaz. Exact location will be sent to registrants. […]

The Top 6 Summer Vegetables to Grow in Israel (and What NOT to Grow)

After 19 years of growing vegetables at home in Israel, I’ve had a lot of harvests. I’ve also had a LOT of flops. After so many years, I have compiled this big list of veggies that are most likely to produce a rewarding harvest in Israel. They tolerate our long hot summer well and are […]

Forest Foraging and Campfire Cookout For Women!

Join Me and my dear hiking buddy, Susannah Schild, of Hiking the Holyland-fame for this event.  Date: Wednesday, February 28, 2024Time: 9am-1pm Location: JNF-KKL Park Adulam, near Beit Shemesh (meeting point will be sent to registrants)Price: NIS 215 Includes: Advanced registration required. Women Only Details and registration, click here 

Help! My Tomato Plant is Looking so Sad!

Tomato season reaches its peak in late August-September! The tomatoes we pick now are sweetest! I can never get enough! Every year around this season I get readers asking the same question: “My tomato plant suddenly looks dry or brown or droopy or otherwise sad! What should I do?” The answer is: nothing! Tomatoes are […]

“Jewish Girls Don’t Live on Farms!”

“Jewish Girls Don’t Live on Farms!” That’s what my Mum said to me as a teenager living in a middle-class, largely Jewish neighborhood in Sydney, Australia. It’s also the first line of my chapter in a brand new book of real-life stories of English-speaking Charedim from around the world who have chosen to make their […]

You’re Invited! Wheat-to-Challah Harvest Party for Moms and Kids

It’s wheat harvest season here in the Land of Israel! Here’s on Bloomah’s City Farm our small plot of wheat is fully ripe and ready for harvest! You’re invited to experience the wonder and fun of harvesting wheat and turning it into a loaf of fresh Challah. Yes, you are about to discover that threshing, […]

Why Grow Pitanga Berries in Israel – and How to Enjoy Them

Three years ago we planted a Pitanga, a sub-tropical shrub that grows really easily in Israel and produces LOTS of very pretty berries. This year we are allowed to eat the berries (following the 3 year orlah wait). I was so excited to try one! Well, I was in for a suprise! But before I […]

The Easy Guide to Growing Tomatoes at Home in Israel

Lots of us love the idea of growing our own vegetables and the No. 1 vegetable people usually wish to grow in summer is tomatoes! So I am writing this whole article with a message JUST FOR YOU: Don’t let another summer go by without the wonder and excitement of planting and picking your own […]

You’re Invited! Vegie Planting Party for Moms and Kids

THIS EVENT IS BOOKED OUT. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN BEING NOTIFIED OF FUTURE SIMILAR EVENTS, PLEASE FILL OUT THE FORM BELOW. Spring is now at its height and that mean it’s time to plant your favorite summer vegetables: tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, squash and more! If you and your kids have the urge to plant […]

My Grandmother’s Chocolate Pesach Cake Recipe

The sixth day of Pesach is my grandmother’s yahrzeit – this year will be 2 years since she left us. I would like to honor her by sharing one of her recipes, a very tasty Kosher L’Pesach chocolate-orange cake. As the kosher catering queen of Sydney, Australia, for over 50 years, my grandmother made hundreds […]