This chicken is perfect in every way – except for one problem.

The problem is that this chicken is a boy!

We bought him as a chick back in July – as written about here.

Chicky back when he was a chick in July. He’s the more orange one on the right.

He’s a purebred Buff Orpington. He used to be tiny and docile, and that’s how he earned his name – Chicky. Now he’s a rooster and over the past few weeks he’s been practicing crowing. He’s still not loud or annoying but we love our neighbors too much to keep him any longer.

We looked for a new loving home for Chicky and were thrilled to get an adoption offer from Yehudit Refson, who is building an incredible eco-farm at Neve Yerushalayim.

That’s right: Neve Yerushalayim – the famous women’s ba’al teshuva seminary in Har Nof, Jerusalem.

As we drove Chicky to his new home on Chanukah, I joked that Chicky was going to become a Ba’al Teshuva.

And I was right!

He’s been there only a few days and he already switched to a Jewish name!

Next he’ll be growing his peyos!

In this entertaining video, Yehudit Refson gives you a tour of her Chicken Empire, unveiling Chicky’s new Jewish name. (She also shows another old hen we gave her, named Zebra).

It was so much fun to meet a kindred spirit in Yehudit. In the video, she calls me a “fellow chicken mom.” I feel so honored.

Yehudit has many inspiring how-to videos about her adventures turning Neve into a “green eco-campus,” so check out her YouTube Channel.

We are now planning some exciting farming collaborations, so stay tuned!

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