The Top 6 Summer Vegetables to Grow in Israel (and What NOT to Grow)

After 19 years of growing vegetables at home in Israel, I’ve had a lot of harvests. I’ve also had a LOT of flops. After so many years, I have compiled this big list of veggies that are most likely to produce a rewarding harvest in Israel. They tolerate our long hot summer well and are […]

Picking and Pressing Olive Oil in Israel

Note: This article is from 2021. One of my favorite times of year Olive harvest season! This is my third year participating in this most scenic and satisfying of pursuits. I think I am perfecting my whackity-whack technique! I’ve definitely upped my game since last year. We picked 96kg over 2 days. Then we hauled […]

Growing Vegetables in Israel Using Cheap or Free Raised Beds

This post was updated in March 2023 Want to know how I’m growing 47 summer vegetable plants in 8 sq.m.? Here’s how! Most people think that there are two options for growing vegetables at home: in containers or in the ground. But there is a third option that is MUCH better than both of the […]

Keeping Chickens in Israel: A Backyard Guide

In the past week, several people have contacted me to ask where they can buy hens and how to care for them. This seems to have been spurred by Israel’s massive egg shortage, coming right before Pesach – the most egg-intensive period on the Jewish menu. Perhaps this egg-istential crisis is pushing people to reconsider […]