You’re Invited! Wheat-to-Challah Harvest Party for Moms and Kids

It’s wheat harvest season here in the Land of Israel! Here’s on Bloomah’s City Farm our small plot of wheat is fully ripe and ready for harvest! You’re invited to experience the wonder and fun of harvesting wheat and turning it into a loaf of fresh Challah. Yes, you are about to discover that threshing, […]

My Grandmother’s Chocolate Pesach Cake Recipe

The sixth day of Pesach is my grandmother’s yahrzeit – this year will be 2 years since she left us. I would like to honor her by sharing one of her recipes, a very tasty Kosher L’Pesach chocolate-orange cake. As the kosher catering queen of Sydney, Australia, for over 50 years, my grandmother made hundreds […]

Wild Healing Herbs of Israel and How to Use Them

🌿 Are you curious about the medicinal plants native to the Land of Israel? 🌿 Would you love to discover many world-renowned healing herbs that grow wild and free in your local neighborhood? 🌿 Want to learn how to turn them into healing salves, balms, syrups and teas to support wellbeing for your family? This […]

Top Experts Taste my Homemade Wine + WSET Course Review

Back in August I picked grapes and made my own wine for the first time and completely fell in love with this unbelievably simple yet magical process. Read about my winemaking adventures here. Since then we’ve been drinking the wine and sharing it with others. My husband and I think it is the most delicious […]

I Made Wine in a Week. You Can Too!

Making wine at home in Israel is easy and rewarding – especially this year. A super simple guide to making wine in a week for first-timers.

Recipe: Pesto Like None Other!

Pesto Pesto Pesto!!! Who loves pesto? When most people make it, it involves buying multiple plastic-wrapped bunches of basil, parsley and/or cilantro. Why? Because that’s how you make pesto! Unless you’re a city farmer 🙂 ince I grew wary of the scary amounts of plastic packaging involved in making a small bowl of pesto, I […]

How to Brew Your Own Apple Vinegar

Making your own apple vinegar is a very satisfying city farming project because: It makes magical use of waste scraps of fruit – rather than throwing them away It produces a useful, expensive-to-buy product that is great for food flavoring, home remedies and for cleaning (See my recipe for homemade citrus-infused all-purpose cleanser) Since this […]

Making and Lighting Olive Oil with Kids

In honor of Chanukah, I just ran a hands-on olive picking and pressing workshop for the family’s of the Community Garden of Arnona, a neighborhood in southern Jerusalem. The first step was to pick the olives off the branches that I brought in. Then we had to crush the olives. Then we pressed the crushed […]

Adventures in Olive Picking and Pressing

Recently, here in Israel we were blessed with the first rains of the winter. You know what that means, right? It’s Olive Picking Season! Over the past two weeks, I spent five mornings picking olives and pressing olive oil in a picturesque ancient olive grove on a hillside right outside my hometown of Beit Shemesh. […]

How I Made Homegrown Crushed Tomatoes – And Will I Ever Do it Again?

We eat a lot of tomatoes in our family but very few of them fresh. Usually they take the form of canned crushed tomatoes or tomato paste (and, of course, ketchup). Tomatoes are so easy to grow but I never grew many of them because processing them myself seemed so daunting. Last week I was […]