My Grandmother’s Chocolate Pesach Cake Recipe

The sixth day of Pesach is my grandmother’s yahrzeit – this year will be 2 years since she left us. I would like to honor her by sharing one of her recipes, a very tasty Kosher L’Pesach chocolate-orange cake. As the kosher catering queen of Sydney, Australia, for over 50 years, my grandmother made hundreds […]

How to Pick Nettle and Make Gourmet Nettle Soup

This nettle soup has SUCH a rich interesting flavor and inexplicably creamy texture, despite having so few ingredients and no flavorings. If you’re stuck at home and restless during lockdown, making nettle soup might be just the adventure you need. Wild Nettle Soup Recipe Step 1 – Find Nettles and Pick Stinging Nettles grow wild […]

Recipe: Pesto Like None Other!

Pesto Pesto Pesto!!! Who loves pesto? When most people make it, it involves buying multiple plastic-wrapped bunches of basil, parsley and/or cilantro. Why? Because that’s how you make pesto! Unless you’re a city farmer 🙂 ince I grew wary of the scary amounts of plastic packaging involved in making a small bowl of pesto, I […]

How to Brew Your Own Apple Vinegar

Making your own apple vinegar is a very satisfying city farming project because: It makes magical use of waste scraps of fruit – rather than throwing them away It produces a useful, expensive-to-buy product that is great for food flavoring, home remedies and for cleaning (See my recipe for homemade citrus-infused all-purpose cleanser) Since this […]

Pure and Scrumptious Homemade Apple Sauce

Don’t you love it when a SINGLE natural ingredient can be transformed into the most delicious spoonful? Homemade apple sauce is like that. So simple, so pure, just the delight of freshly harvested apples attaining their delicious perfection. It’s one of my ultimate winter comfort foods. *Step 1 Peel and core apples. As many as […]

How I Made Homegrown Crushed Tomatoes – And Will I Ever Do it Again?

We eat a lot of tomatoes in our family but very few of them fresh. Usually they take the form of canned crushed tomatoes or tomato paste (and, of course, ketchup). Tomatoes are so easy to grow but I never grew many of them because processing them myself seemed so daunting. Last week I was […]

Homemade Fruit Leather: You MUST try this!

If you only try one food preservation project this year – this is the one! It’s ridiculously simple, requires no special equipment and you will be amazed by the scrumptious results! Homemade Fruit Leather Recipe Ingredients: 1 kg of summer fruits – eg. plums, peaches, mango, nectarines. A mix is best. Add a bit of […]

Recipe: Bloomah’s Zucchini Lasagna

My two youngest kids and I wait for the big zucchinis to grow and then save them for this recipe, which we make once a week during the summer.We prefer it to “real” lasagna! It’s also perfect for people eating gluten free or low carb. Ingredients: 1 liter marinara sauce (we make it at home […]

Australian Homemade Toffees: The Taste of My Childhood

My daughter has an end-of-year party today and the teachers asked the girls to bring “refreshments” AKA mounds of candy and junk. However, instead of schlepping me to the sweet store, my daughter begged me to make homemade toffees and I was happy to do so. Not because they have zero chemicals, colorings and additives. […]