Today I went for a meeting at the Educational Farm to make sure that everything is ready to go for our launch event on Wednesday morning. If you remember, this is how our land looked before Pesach

This is how our cute little farm looks today – all ready for us to build our raised beds and start planting on Wednesday

Wow! I am excited. But boy! Has taken a lot to get to this point! Today was my seventh in-person meeting on the farm. Or was it my eighth? I lost track!

And that’s besides all the phone calls and emails. 

It takes a lot to create something that’s never been done before!

Today I brought Aharon the farm manager a special gift – two cute little chicks. They hatched last week in the incubator in my office. He was delighted. 

These chicks were hatched last Tuesday in an incubator in my office

The gift was a good-will gesture to say “thank you” for putting up with my persistent nudging and for getting everything ready for us so perfectly!

But those chicks, an unusual gift, were also a symbol of the fact that what the Women’s City Farming Project of RBS, is different from the projects that Aharon and the Educational Farm staff usually work on.

If I have my way, we will be doing things quite a bit differently! 🙂

But we are working together from a place of good-will and collaboration to build something really special.

I hope you will be part of it!

Details and registration are here

Yours in farming!
Naomi AKA Bloomah

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