Don’t Buy Basil, Grow MAGIC Basil

Meet Magic Basil: one of my favorite plants to grow in Israel.

My Magic Basil in bloom – which is all the time!

It blooms all year, produces tasty leaves and benefits the world (bees love it).

I always pick leaves from this perennial basil for my delicious homemade pesto. It’s not the same as the annual basil you buy in the supermarket, in that it lives for many years and the flavor is stronger.

It’s one of my favorite plants – and considering that I am the proud owner of 100s of beloved plants, that says a LOT!

It’s a great plant to grow in Israel – whether you plant it in a garden or on a balcony.

Look for it in your local nursery. In Hebrew it’s called “basilicum magic” – בזיליקום מ’גיק

Or sometimes it’s just called ריחן

In this video I show you the magic of Magic Basil

Let me know if you try growing it!

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