I Made Wine in a Week. You Can Too!

By Bloomah | September 2, 2022 Living in the Land of Israel, we see vineyards everywhere. I have long harbored a secret desire to have a… A completed puzzle that wins a Barad (AKA a slushie) - which costs me 3 shekel. Longer and more valuable puzzles include "Ice Coffee" and "Frozen Yoghurt"

Make it a Positive Family Summer – With Free Printable Mitzvah Tickets

By Bloomah | July 24, 2022 Summertime is here. That means less structure and much more free time. Some people dread it but I love it….

What I’m Growing on Shmitta

By Bloomah | December 26, 2021 Shmitta can be hard. There are many things that I would like to do in my garden right now. Such… 244679563_10158681149313845_8211325037897681069_n

My 3-Year Olive Oil Quest – In Mishpacha Magazine

By Bloomah | December 8, 2021 In this week’s Chanukah Edition of Mishpacha Magazine you will find a feature I wrote about our 3-year quest to produce our… 244942303_10158681143698845_865234766065988286_n

Picking and Pressing Olive Oil in Israel

By Bloomah | October 8, 2021 One of my favorite times of year Olive harvest season! This is my third year participating in this most scenic… 1280px-Coccinella_magnifica01

How to Attract Ladybugs to Your Yard in Israel

By Bloomah | June 3, 2021 Every gardener wishes that they had ladybugs in their yard! Besides being iconic and adorable, ladybugs are voracious munchers of… IMG_2438

A Tale of 2 Cute Chicks and a Cute Little Farm

By Bloomah | April 19, 2021 Today I went for a meeting at the Educational Farm to make sure that everything is ready to go for…

First Look at Your Farmland + Save the Date

By Bloomah | March 15, 2021 First… The news!The Educational farm finally confirmed the date of our first women’s farming session – Wednesday April 21, 2021 -… 1890234

FREE EVENT: Come Farm with Me in RBS

By Bloomah | February 14, 2021 Want to get out in nature? Breathe fresh air? Shake off the lockdown blues? Flex those muscles? Do some real… IMG_8505

Why Now is the Time to Plant a Tree in Israel (Nothing to do with Tu Bishvat)

By Bloomah | January 27, 2021 There is an old Chinese proverb that asks: When is the best time to plant a tree? We’ll get to… IMG_1215

VIDEO: Watch Our Latest Harvests

By Bloomah | January 19, 2021 If you’ve always dreamed of harvesting your own food, it’s not as impossible as you might think! The past two… 138901394_228911018728724_7642844494061313914_o

How to Pick Nettle and Make Gourmet Nettle Soup

By Bloomah | January 14, 2021 This nettle soup has SUCH a rich interesting flavor and inexplicably creamy texture, despite having so few ingredients and no… 137274716_4202472293098238_4486993087156747078_o

Workshop: Learn the KNF Method to Grow Greater Vegies

By Bloomah | January 13, 2021 If you LOVE learning amazing new ways to garden and grow, this workshop is for you! I’m excited to be… I always pick leaves from this perennial basil for my pesto. It's not the same as the annual basil you buy in the supermarket, in that it lives for many years and the flavor is stronger. It grows and flowers all year and the bees adore it. It's one of my favorite plants - and considering that I am the proud owner of 100s of beloved plants, that says a LOT! Look for it in your local nursery. In Hebrew it's called "basilicum magic" - בזיליקום מ'גיק

Don’t Buy Basil, Grow MAGIC Basil

By Bloomah | January 11, 2021 Meet Magic Basil: one of my favorite plants to grow in Israel. My Magic Basil in bloom – which is… Homemade pesto and cream cheese with sourdough crackers - soooo tasty!!!

Recipe: Pesto Like None Other!

By Bloomah | January 5, 2021 Pesto Pesto Pesto!!! Who loves pesto? Homemade pesto and cream cheese with sourdough crackers – soooo tasty!!! When most people… EK_P_6z5b4224

Bloomah’s City Farm in 2020: Before and After

By Bloomah | December 31, 2020 When people visit my farm these days and see all the trees and growing beds and animal friends and all… IMG_1060

How to Brew Your Own Apple Vinegar

By Bloomah | December 27, 2020 Making your own apple vinegar is a very satisfying city farming project because: It makes magical use of waste scraps… 132621084_216236939996132_3389990569922928668_o

Pure and Scrumptious Homemade Apple Sauce

By Bloomah | December 24, 2020 Don’t you love it when a SINGLE natural ingredient can be transformed into the most delicious spoonful? Homemade apple sauce… Load More loader