Do you dream of picking your own fruit grown in your own yard or on your porch?

Join Bloomah for this inspiring and practical fruit tree workshop!

What’s included?

PLUS: Light Brunch Featuring scrumptious home-grown farm treats

BONUS: Take home a cutting or seedling of a FREE exotic, super-easy-grow edible plant (options: thornless blackberry, pitanga, sugar cane, dragon fruit, nopales, willow)


When? Monday January 30, 10am-12pm

Where? Bloomah’s City Farm AKA Naomi Elbinger’s backyard in Ramat Beit Shemesh A

Who? For Women who love nature and dream of growing their own. (Strictly women only.)

How much? NIS 120

Got questions? fill out the form below or whatsapp (messages only – no one answers calls on that phone)

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