Wine and Grapejuice Making Workshop

Summer is Grape Harvest Season in the Land of Israel!

You’re invited to experience the wonder and fun of crushing, pressing, straining and bottling your own grape juice from grapes freshly picked in local vineyards.

You can also try your hand at the sacred and ancient art of winemaking! You’ll be amazed at how wonderous this process it.

What’s in Store at the Grape Juice and Winemaking Workshop?

  1. Mini Tour of Bloomah’s: A regalar RBS backyard that’s been transformed into a thriving urban farm, where we produce 30+ different kinds of fruit, vegetables and grains, as well as herbs, spices, sugar, honey, eggs, olive oil, wine and more! See lots of summer fruits and vegies now ripening: tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants, beans, corn, squash and more! You’ll also meet some cuddly feathered friends at this party.
  2. Then we will get busy! Crushing, Pressing, Straining and Bottling the grape juice. We will be getting our hands dirty! Don’t wear your best outfit! Note: The color and variety of grapes we use will depend on what is at peak ripeness on the day of the workshop.
  3. Winemaking demo – learn how grape juice is transformed into wine. You can then try this at home by purchasing a DIY winemaking kit, including grapes, to make wine at home.
  4. Tasting: We’ll seperate Trumos and Maaseros and then share a L’Chaim with our fresh grape juice and Bloomah’s homemade wine (for guests aged 18+) We’ll also taste some other treats that have been grown at Bloomah’s City Farm.

How to Join? Three Options:

  1. Register for a public workshop using the form below. Note: Public workshops are for women and children only. (boys up to age 12)
  2. Book a private workshop at Bloomah’s City Farm for groups of up to 25. Private workshops are open to men, women and children of all ages. Minimum charge NIS 750 for up to 15 people. Contact us to book.
  3. Bring the Workshop to You! To discuss options for doing this workshop for groups of any size at your location, Please Contact Us.

Important Note About Kashrus:

According to Jewish law, kosher wine and grape juice can only be made by Shomer Shabbos Jews. If there are members of your party who do not fit into this categtory or you are not sure, please contact us to discuss alternative workshop options.

Upcoming Public Workshops

Date: Monday July 31, 2023 & Tuesday August 1, 2023

Time: 4pm-5:30pm

Who: Moms, Savtas, Aunties. or any other ladies. along with any kids who they consider adorable (ages 3-120)

Where: Bloomah’s City Farm and Nature Sanctuary AKA my backyard in Ramat Beit Shemesh A.

Cost: NIS 50 shekel per participant. Kids under 3 free.

Everyone will take home a small bottle of grape juice for Shabbos!

Total Run Time: 1.5 Hours

For private groups, please contact us.

Register for a Public Workshop

Please register so we can email you the address and full details. If you change your plans or need to cancel, please message us in advance. We are also contactable by Whatsapp 0503948299
  • Price: ₪ 50.00 Quantity: Please indicate the number of women and children aged 3 and up. No charge for kids under 3. Men over the age of 12 may not attend a public workshop, but can join a private workshop that you book seperately. Payment will be on the day via cash or BIT.
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