Homemade Natural All-Purpose Cleaner Recipe

Soon we’ll start Pesach cleaning and that means that now’s the time to make your natural all-purpose cleaner – made from vinegar and citrus peels.

Step 1: fill a glass jar 2/3rds with vinegar

I use my homemade apple vinegar, made on Chanukah when I had tons of apple scraps from making apple sauce. Store-bought vinegar works perfectly too.

Step 2: drop in used citrus peels, until the liquid reaches the rim. Seal the jar with a lid. Label and date the jar.

It looks good enough to eat, right? Anything you smear around your kitchen surfaces should be edible for humans, IMHO.

Step 3: Put the on a shelf or windowsill where it can sit undisturbed but you can see it and get warm “I’m a farmer” feelings. It’s very pretty.

Isn’t the jar pretty? I keep it on my counter while it’s infusing, alongside all my other fermentation jars.

Step 4: Wait 1-2 weeks. When it smells yummy, strain out any pulp and put it in a spray bottle, diluting with 50% water.

When using this cleaner, spray on generously and then wait 2 minutes. Then wipe or scrub. It removes crusted on food and grease wonderfully. I make sure to label the spray bottle, as I have members of the family who a prone to water fights with spray bottles!

Step 5: Enjoy your cleaning knowing you saved money, the planet and possibly your health! I use this kind of cleaner on my kitchen counters and the floors. It’s perfect for wiping down surfaces during Pesach cleaning. I really enjoy the smell, particularly when I primarily use oranges.

What to do with oranges? I’m sure you can figure that out. I used some in my farmer breakfast – homemade yogurt, home-farmed honey, oranges and walnuts.
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    Please share your recipe for homemade yogurt:)

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