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Farming Projects and Ideas for Small Homes & Apartments

No Space or Funds for Farming?

We're highlighting enriching farming activities that you can do even in the smallest apartment - for 5 shekels or less! (That's just $1.50)
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Our outdoor dining area... after I scrubbed it for the photographer

Is Bloomah’s Photogenic Enough?

Tomorrow a photographer from a major magazine is coming to do a shoot at Bloomah's City Farm AKA my backyard....

The Secret Truth About Growing Your own Vegetables

I have a confession. Many of the vegetables I grow on my farm are imperfect. The kind of vegetables that...

Why I never planted peanuts before – and why I did now

My peanuts sprouted! I have wanted to grow peanuts for such a long time but I never did. Since they...

Recipe: Bloomah’s Zucchini Lasagna

My two youngest kids and I wait for the big zucchinis to grow and then save them for this recipe,...
Eggs hatching

Meet Our New Chicks!

Meet our new babysitters! Two little chicks. The chicks have to live indoors with a light-bulb for warmth until they...

Bloomah Hatches an Egg: A Story About Farming, Faith and Flops

This is my pet hen, Stripey. She's not looking too plump right now. Her usually cherry-red comb has faded and...

Australian Homemade Toffees: The Taste of My Childhood

My daughter has an end-of-year party today and the teachers asked the girls to bring "refreshments" AKA mounds of candy...

Why did it take me 4 months to make a single challah?

Because we grew, harvested, threshed, winnowed, ground, sifted, kneaded and baked it, all here in our apartment in Ramat Beit...

Just Hatched: My New Novel

This week we have an exciting new hatchling on Bloomah's City Farm. It's my new novel - Yedidya. I just...