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Farming Projects and Ideas for Small Homes & Apartments

No Space or Funds for Farming?

We're highlighting enriching farming activities that you can do even in the smallest apartment - for 5 shekels or less! (That's just $1.50)
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VIDEO: Chameleons Have Slow feet and Fast Tongues

We were delighted to welcome this reptile visitor to Bloomah's City Farm yesterday. The slow-motion replay of its incredible roll-up tongue...

How to help plants survive a heatwave

It's the third day of Israel's heatwave and our plants are really suffering from the temperatures soaring above 40 degrees...

How to Start Your Own Butterfly Farm

This is a magical activity to do with your kids and now is the perfect season in Israel. Step 1:...

Landscaping with Builder’s Rubble – Free and Attractive

"Your backpack is so heavy. Have you got rocks inside?" Actually yes. My backpack is full of rocks! How else...

I’m Featured in Gila Manolson’s New Book

Here in Ramat Beit Shemesh, there aren't too many other farmers. Actually none. I guess you could say that my...

The No. 1 Vegetable to Plant Right Now

Everyone keeps asking me what to plant now, so I made a list of my favorite summer vegetables to grow....
My bee swarm on its last legs. The only babies are boys - a sure sign of doom!

My 5 Latest Farming Failures

I've posted a bunch of successful projects and people are starting to talk like I'm some sort of farming wunderkind,...
Five Tomatoes, Four Peppers and an eggplant. They're still young. They're gonna get HUGE before the summer's done.

Growing Vegetables in Israel Using Easy, Free Raised Beds

Want to know how I'm growing 47 summer vegetable plants in 8 sq.m.? Here's how! Five Tomatoes, Four Peppers and...

Birkas Ha’Ilanos Under Lockdown

It's the month of Nissan and we have a special mitzvah to make a bracha over fruit-bearing trees in bloom....