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Farming Projects and Ideas for Small Homes & Apartments

No Space or Funds for Farming?

We're highlighting enriching farming activities that you can do even in the smallest apartment - for 5 shekels or less! (That's just $1.50)
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Five Tomatoes, Four Peppers and an eggplant. They're still young. They're gonna get HUGE before the summer's done.

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I started this sweet potato before Chanukah and soon I will plant the vines in the ground. I twisted them off and left them in water for a while to get them ready. Note how I used toothpicks to prop up the tuber, since the jar was kind of big.

Let’s Grow Sweet Potato Vines from Tubers

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Isn't the jar pretty? I keep it on my counter while it's infusing, alongside all my other fermentation jars.

Homemade Natural All-Purpose Cleaner Recipe

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