Don’t you love it when a SINGLE natural ingredient can be transformed into the most delicious spoonful?

Homemade apple sauce is like that.

So simple, so pure, just the delight of freshly harvested apples attaining their delicious perfection. It’s one of my ultimate winter comfort foods.

*Step 1

Peel and core apples. As many as will fill your slow cooker or stock pot. Tart green apples should be the majority, but you can mix in other apples as a minority.

*Step 2

Cut into chunks and fill up the pot. Add a couple of cinnamon sticks, if you have some. A slow cooker is the best option, but a regular pot on a low flame can work too.

*Step 3

Cover the bottom of the pot with a little water to avoid burning until the cooking apples begin to exude their own juice. Not too much water.

*Step 4

Heat to boiling point and then reduce heat to lowest. Leave for at least 6 hours. 12 is even better.

The apples are done when they are brown and caramelized. They naturally disintegrate so there is no need to mash or blend.

There is also no need to add sugar. You will be blown away by the natural scrumptious sweetness of slow-cooked apple sauce. You will never want to eat store-bought apple sauce again!

My favorite ways to enjoy homemade apple sauce:

By the way, you will be left with a LOT of apple peels and cores. Most people throw them a way. But if you’re a farmer like me, you know they are just waiting to do more magic for you – Apple Vinegar!!!

See my recipe for Apple Vinegar

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