The absolute easiest way to preserve your lemon harvest

Every year in this season, life gives us lemons

But how can we preserve the bounty so we can freshly squeeze them all year long? By Pesach the season will fade!

Here’s the simplest, most effective way: Just pick ’em and stick them in the freezer whole. When they defrost, they are a bit mushy and super easy to squeeze.

After they’re defrosted, lemons are super easy to squeeze.

If you’re not lucky enough to have your own lemon tree, I guarantee you that you have more than one neighbor whose tree is overloaded right now. They will gladly let you pick a bunch.

Give them something in return and they’ll probably let you pick 50.

As one lemon-laden neighbor told me, “supply is outstripping demand.”

Our tree has given us at least five sacks like this already and there’s a ton still on the tree – Baruch Hashem. And our neighbor’s tree is twice as fruitful!

This is how it works on a city farm.

We push the boundaries of home-grown food in the city.

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