City Farm Tours and Workshops
in Ramat Beit Shemesh

What's in the Tour?

1.5 hours of nature, discovery, fun, learning, and tasting for the whole family - right here in Ramat Beit Shemesh

  • Discover the story behind how a small barren RBS backyard was transformed into a thriving farm, twice featured on a Mishpacha Magazine cover!

  • Explore 13 exotic fruit trees, 60+ vegetable plants, herbs, spices, and more

  • Meet the residents of the farm, including birds, reptiles, insects, fish and humans too

  • Harvest produce and seperate trumos and maaseros with guidance and hashkafa (Get ready to be inspired!)

Seasonal Workshop Options:

  • Growing Your Own Fruits and Vegetables in the City

  • Inside a Beehive + Honey Tasting

  • Wine and Grape Juice Making

  • Wheat harvest to Challah - and all the steps in between

  • The Healing Herbs of Israel and How to Use them

Pricing for a Private Tour and Workshop

For a group of up to 6: NIS 350

Additional people: NIS 40 per person

Got a different group size? Contact us to discuss pricing.

Your group can include up to 12 people. You can join with other families and split the cost, so long as it's 12 people max. (Kids under 3 free)

To book your timeslot, advanced payment required by cash, credit card or Paybox. 

Cancellation policy: 100% refund if you give us 24 hours notice. After that, 50% refund.

Ready for Some Farm Fun?

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