Why I never planted peanuts before – and why I did now

My peanuts sprouted!

I have wanted to grow peanuts for such a long time but I never did. Since they are legumes (kitniyot). there is a halachic imperative to leave a big space between them and other vegetables (48-60 cm, depending on which halachic opinion you follow)

Beans are also kitniyot – another summer favorite that I don’t grow. Some would say that corn and sunflowers are also kitniyot – though botanically they are not legumes. Halachicly, kitniyot is a crop where you primarily eat the seeds of the plant.

Bonus fact: I have it from a supreme halachic authority that snow peas are not considered kitniyot, since no one grows them for the their seeds. But green beans are kitniyot, because some people do.

As a Jew doing my best to follow halacha, Polyculture farming (growing many different types of food plants close together) is a bit more complicated.

But not impossible. Thanks to my husband who built a beautiful new raised bed out of recycled pallet wood, I now finally have a place to grow peanuts BH!

We planted them last Monday and they started to sprout on Shabbos and they’re growing super fast!

The same peanut plant as above – 2 weeks later

It’s kind of late in the season to plant them but I wasn’t giving up on my chance after wishing for so long!

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