Join the Women’s City Farming Experience
in Ramat Beit Shemesh

Does this sound like EXACTLY what you’ve been looking for but you never dreamed you’d find it in the heart of Ramat Beit Shemesh?

Well, it’s happening!

Join Naomi Elbinger of Bloomah’s City Farm for the Women’s City Farming Experience.

Membership Benefits of the RBS Women’s Farm

One-time membership fee of NIS 250

Women who participated in the farm-building events are entitled to a NIS 50 discount on membership

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Q: My kids will love this. Please, please can I bring them?
A: Most of our meetups are in the afternoon outside school hours. Kids are welcome! Q: What is the Educational Farm of Beit Shemesh?
A. It is a large beautiful tract of land operated by the Ministry of Education, which hosts a large number of school groups and special ed groups from around Beit Shemesh for enriching farming activities. The farm is not generally open to the public or to groups of adults. I am working to create a unique opportunity for women. If this speaks to you, join us! Q: Who is running this? And why?
A: The event is organized by Naomi Elbinger of Bloomah’s City Farm, RBS, in conjunction with the Educational Farm. The goal is to give local women the opportunity to get closer to nature, learn about farming, and eventually grow their own food. Q: Where is this educational farm?
A: It’s at the intersection of RBSA, RBSG and Ramat Avraham. Easy access by bus, or a 10 minute walk from the RBSA Merkaz. There is also a parking lot on site. See map. Q: Shmitta is coming very soon. What will happen to our farm then?
A: We will have the zechus to keep the Torah commandment of stopping work on the land before shmitta. We will have our final session before Rosh Hashana! Q: I love the idea but due to health limitations, I can’t engage in physical labor. Can I still participate?
A: Most of the work is not strenuous but does involve using your body. Please consult your doctor about whether this is suitable for you. Q: Why on earth would I want to get all sweaty laboring on a farm when I could be at the mall getting a manicure?
A: If you’re asking this question, this event is probably not for you. However, we still love you! Enjoy your manicure! Q: I’m dying to join but I cannot afford it due to my serious financial situation. Can you help?
A: This farming program is for the benefit of the community and not primarily financially motivated. Therefore we are happy to offer scholarships to RBS women in serious financial need. Please detail your situation in the form below. We will keep it confidential. Q: I have more questions. Who can I ask?
A: Please contact us

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