Why Grow Pitanga Berries in Israel – and How to Enjoy Them

Three years ago we planted a Pitanga, a sub-tropical shrub that grows really easily in Israel and produces LOTS of very pretty berries. This year we are allowed to eat the berries (following the 3 year orlah wait). I was so excited to try one! Well, I was in for a suprise! But before I […]

The Easy Guide to Growing Tomatoes at Home in Israel

Lots of us love the idea of growing our own vegetables and the No. 1 vegetable people usually wish to grow in summer is tomatoes! So I am writing this whole article with a message JUST FOR YOU: Don’t let another summer go by without the wonder and excitement of planting and picking your own […]

Anyone Can Grow Wheat in Israel: Even 6-Year-Olds

This year on Tu Bishvat – one of my dreams came true! Ever since my oldest was a little guy starting out in kindergarten, I wished that I could bring a serious farming experience to his cheder’s asphalt playground. That “little guy” is already 17 but I finally made my dream happen for his younger […]

Don’t Buy Basil, Grow MAGIC Basil

Meet Magic Basil: one of my favorite plants to grow in Israel. It blooms all year, produces tasty leaves and benefits the world (bees love it). I always pick leaves from this perennial basil for my delicious homemade pesto. It’s not the same as the annual basil you buy in the supermarket, in that it […]