Join a Delightful Foraging Walk in RBS – for Women

Pesach is almost here and we all know what that means… Springtime! So let’s get out for a glorious local nature walk where we will learn to identify and forage local wild foods and medicinal plants.  When: Wednesday April 10 Time: 9-11am. 2 hours.  Location: Near the Ramat Beit Shemesh A merkaz. Exact location will be sent to registrants. […]

The Top 6 Summer Vegetables to Grow in Israel (and What NOT to Grow)

After 19 years of growing vegetables at home in Israel, I’ve had a lot of harvests. I’ve also had a LOT of flops. After so many years, I have compiled this big list of veggies that are most likely to produce a rewarding harvest in Israel. They tolerate our long hot summer well and are […]

You’re Invited! Vegie Planting Party for Moms and Kids

THIS EVENT IS BOOKED OUT. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN BEING NOTIFIED OF FUTURE SIMILAR EVENTS, PLEASE FILL OUT THE FORM BELOW. Spring is now at its height and that mean it’s time to plant your favorite summer vegetables: tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, squash and more! If you and your kids have the urge to plant […]

My Grandmother’s Chocolate Pesach Cake Recipe

The sixth day of Pesach is my grandmother’s yahrzeit – this year will be 2 years since she left us. I would like to honor her by sharing one of her recipes, a very tasty Kosher L’Pesach chocolate-orange cake. As the kosher catering queen of Sydney, Australia, for over 50 years, my grandmother made hundreds […]

First Look at Your Farmland + Save the Date

First… The news!The¬†Educational farm finally confirmed the date of our first women’s farming session – Wednesday April 21, 2021 – 9:30am. Get all the details here Here is a photo of the land they have assigned to us It doesn’t look like much right now but thankfully we are women of vision, ready to work the […]

How to Start Your Own Butterfly Farm

This is a magical activity to do with your kids and now is the perfect season in Israel. Step 1: Find some baby caterpillars. In the photos, I show you how. Step 2: Put them in a shoe box (or similar container) with lots of leaves from their host plant. You can try identify the […]

The No. 1 Vegetable to Plant Right Now

Everyone keeps asking me what to plant now, so I made a list of my favorite summer vegetables to grow. I ordered it from least practical, easy and rewarding – to the most! Can you guess what will be my #1 recommendation? All these are fairly easy to grow in the Israeli summer but some […]

Birkas Ha’Ilanos Under Lockdown

It’s the month of Nissan and we have a special mitzvah to make a bracha over fruit-bearing trees in bloom. Usually that means that we head out in the neighborhood on a delightful blossom hunt in nearby parks and gardens. This year it’s not so easy but our bewildered, news-saturated souls need this inspiring once-a-year […]

6 vegetables from your kitchen you can plant and grow

It’s spring time! Do you wish you could grow some vegetables – but can’t visit the nursery due to lockdown? That’s why I created this list of 6 vegetables from your kitchen you can sprout and grow These plants are all ideally planted in spring – i.e. right now. 1. Sweet potato Plop a sweet […]