Let’s plant our own sweet potato vines. Now is the perfect season here in Israel.

Step 1: get hold of a few sweet potatoes. Old sprouted ones that you were about to toss are best. But any will do.

I found these two in my vegie draw. I will grow the smaller one. It’s easier to put in a small jar.

Step 2: Find an empty glass jar and fill it halfway with water. Stand up the sweet potato inside. If it’s falling in, you can use toothpicks to prop it up (see pic at the bottom of the post)

A small sweet potato sits perfect in a used garlic jar. Notice that one white root that’s just starting to grow. A few days later, it is 10 cm long!

Step 3: Place your jar on a windowsill where it will get frequent notice. Wait 1-2 weeks for the forces of Creation to do their miraculous work. Then you will notice that white roots will start to grow out the part below the water line. Once they start, they grow really fast. Top up the water as needed.

Step 4: Wait another few weeks until the tops grow sprouts and leaves. The leaves are decorative hearts shapes. Many people grow these vines just for looks.

I started this sweet potato before Chanukah and soon I will plant the vines in the ground. I twisted them off and left them in water for a while to get them ready. Note how I used toothpicks to prop up the tuber, since the jar was kind of big.

Step 5: If you want to plant in the ground, twist off a few shoots when they are about 10cm long, and plant them in moist, rich soil. It will take 6 weeks to get to this point. Water carefully throughout the summer.

Step 6: BH in September we’ll dig them up and enjoy them in tzimmes for Rosh Hashana!

Got any questions? Ask away!

4 Responses

  1. Naomi, you’re the best
    everything with you is fun!
    you’re Mrs Hakol Yachol – be it writing, business advice, growing batata…
    sounds as if you’re just waiting to light the candles and e/thing else is ready 🙂
    missing your wonderful classes
    simcha Ashkenazi

    1. Hi Simcha
      You are the first person to ever comment on my new website and what a nice comment to get!
      Wishing you health and plenty!

  2. Naomi just to confirm…do u only plant the vines and not the whole potato under ground. I think with regular potatoes u can just plant underground and they will sprout up eventually. You can’t do same with sweet potatoes?

    1. With sweet potatoes, you only plant the vines. the roots sprout from the vines, not the tubers.
      They pretty different to regular potatoes.

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