Tomorrow a photographer from a major magazine is coming to do a shoot at Bloomah’s City Farm AKA my backyard.

Our outdoor dining area… after I scrubbed it for the photographer

This is part of a article featuring me and my kids and our city farming adventures. I’ve known about the shoot for weeks and been flip-flopping my attitude to it:

1. Arggggh… my yard is going to be on the cover of a magazine! I have to clean it and scrub it and somehow make it look impressive. Maybe I should replace those overgrown middle-of-August vegetable beds with pristine fake grass?

2. Whatever… this is what a farm looks like. That’s not garbage in that pile over there – it’s next year’s mulch.

3. Hold on – most the readers of this magazine live in New York where most people think potatoes grow on trees. This is my chance to surprise them by how delightful a city farm can be. Arrrggg… I have to make my farm more photogenic immediately. What am I going to do about the laundry line? No one in New York has even seen one of those before!

4. What can I do? I don’t have any rolling acres! Just a strip of land squeezed among a bunch of buildings in the city! Hopefully the photographer will know how to take pics from the right angle so it seems like pastoral paradise. That’s why they invented Photoshop.

5. Argggh…. Is it too late to install a romantic water feature complete with fountain, lotus blossoms and fish? Maybe now’s the right time to start keeping ducks? Goats? Peacocks?

Tomorrow’s the day! Wish me luck.

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