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No Space or Funds for Farming?

We're highlighting enriching farming activities that you can do even in the smallest apartment - for 5 shekels or less! (That's just $1.50)
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How to Grow a Loofah Sponge in Israel

Today was a big day nine months in the making. Today we picked and processed the loofah sponges that we...

My Chicken became a Ba’al Teshuva!

This chicken is perfect in every way - except for one problem. The problem is that this chicken is a...

Making and Lighting Olive Oil with Kids

In honor of Chanukah, I just ran a hands-on olive picking and pressing workshop for the family's of the Community...
winter video snapshot

VIDEO TOUR: Our Winter Vegetables + Hydroponics

This is an early December tour of my vegetable growing beds. Winter vegies such as kohlrabi, onions, fennel and snow...

Wild Edible Mushrooms – To Eat or not to Eat?

A lot of these cute mushrooms have been popping up in our peanut bed. With the help of an Israeli...

Live Workshop: Olives and Oil

You're invited! Presenting the First Mornings on the Farm Workshop for Women! Right here at Bloomah's City Farm in Ramat...

Adventures in Olive Picking and Pressing

Recently, here in Israel we were blessed with the first rains of the winter. You know what that means, right?...

Bloomah’s in Mishpacha: What My Rabbi Said

Today, October 14, is an exciting day for me and my mission: a 6-page feature article about Bloomah's City Farm...

NEW: City Farming Workshops at Bloomah’s

Let the beauty and wonders of nature inspire you! Want to plant, harvest, make, and sample the most incredibly fresh,...