It’s wheat harvest season here in the Land of Israel!

Here’s on Bloomah’s City Farm our small plot of wheat is fully ripe and ready for harvest!

You’re invited to experience the wonder and fun of harvesting wheat and turning it into a loaf of fresh Challah.

Yes, you are about to discover that threshing, winnowing and grinding are so much fun! If you don’t believe me, watch the little video below!

Event Details

Date: Thursday, June 22, 2023

Time: 4pm-5:30pm

Who: Moms, Savtas, Aunties. or any other ladies. along with any kids who they consider adorable (ages 3-120)

Where: Bloomah’s City Farm and Nature Sanctuary AKA my backyard in Ramat Beit Shemesh A


NIS 50 per adult.

NIS 40 per child.

FAMILY DEAL: Adults accompanying 2 children or more can come at the children’s rate.

Everyone will take home a small challah ready for baking for Shabbos!

What’s in Store at the Wheat-to-Challah Harvest Party?

  1. Mini Tour of Bloomah’s: A regalar RBS backyard that’s been transformed into a thriving urban farm, where we produce 30+ different kinds of fruit, vegetables and grains, as well as herbs, spices, sugar, honey, eggs, olive oil, wine and more! See lots of summer fruits and vegies now ripening: tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants, beans, corn, squash and more! You’ll also meet some cuddly feathered friends at this party.
  2. About Wheat Harvest to Challah: View our ripe wheat plot and learn about the Eretz Yisroel’s special blessing for wheat – and the unique mitzvos that we will be performing, including avoiding Chadash, avoiding Kilayim, seperating Trumos and Maaseros, and seperating Challah.
  3. Then we will get busy! Harvesting, threshing, winnowing, grinding, sifting and kneading. The baking you can do at home in your own oven.
  4. Tasting: We’ll celebrate harvest with some fresh-picked sugar cane.It’s not a party without some treats!

Total Run Time: 1.5 Hours

Want to visit with your family/group at a different time? Check out our City Farm Tours.

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